Aktobe, Bokenbay Batyr str. 2,
BC«Dastan Center», 6-7 floor

Production, primary processing and sales of crude oil and associated gas

We believe in providing an excellent opportunity for subsoil and land rights holders to develop oil in an environmentally safe and efficient manner
Ada Oil Company — one of the leading enterprises boldly adopting the latest technical developments of domestic and foreign specialists in the field of subsoil use
17 years

The Ada Oil company exists since 2006

1.8 million

Oil production indicators 1,875,303.45 tons

58.4 million

Associated gas production indicators 58,402,447.49 m3


The company has the Bashenkol deposit. which is located on the territory of the Mugalzharsky and Temir districts of the Aktobe region, 257 km to the southeast of Aktobe